Mni Vision

Mitakuyapi Relatives,

Mni proposes to restore the natural ecosystem, to repatriate the people to the land and to return the earth to balance through the repair of the small water cycle. Climatologists tell us that restoring the small water cycle is key to reversing global warming and weather extremes that are destroying the earth and human and animal populations. Experts predict that we have less than ten years to reestablish a healthy hydrological cycle or we will pass an ecological tipping point and spiral into global apocalypse.

Indigenous prophecies also say that humanity is now at a crossroads where we can unite spiritually in peace and harmony or face chaos, disaster and endless tears from our relative’s eyes. The prophecies tell us that, since the mark of time, the red nations were given a sacred responsibility to protect all the lands on earth.

Therefore, we write with great urgency, a profound sense of duty, a deep love for our earth mother and an understanding that through water there is salvation. We ask you to join Mni in launching this global initiative to repair the disrupted water cycle and revitalize the water, land and livelihoods for the indigenous populations through innovative water resource restoration.

Asserting Our Sovereignty

Today, many indigenous people have recognized sovereign control over large landholdings with relatively loose or nonexistent water use regulations, giving us a unique and easy opportunity to implement vast water conservancy practices. These practices could have a powerful impact on the small water cycle, establishing an important precedent for how to live sustainably and in balance with the earth to avoid global disaster.

Above photos courtesy of Michal Kravcik & Ludia a Voda

Sustaining Our Communities

At home, the Mni Restoration Project will implement and teach tribal members proper management of tribal waters to create healthy ecosystems where native plants and animals can once again thrive and provide a sustainable environment—where native peoples may once again through their own effort gain sustenance and make a life from the land.

Mni is looking to engage all communities in the on the topic of water restoration. We invite you to follow us, and learn how to implement water restoration in your respective territories.

Grassroots for Water Justice

Healing With Rainwater

Mni offers a simple solution to the global water crisis. Rainwater harvest. Not one drop of rainfall must leave our territories and be wasted into the rising oceans without first being used to replenish our fresh water sources and restore our tribal homelands to pre-invasion splendor and sustainability.

The Mni Restoration Project plan is to construct thousands of small water catchments at all elevations along reservation streams and watercourses. This will slow rainwater run-off, increase ground water infiltration and capture eroded soils, creating ideal conditions for reforestation and natural plant resurgence. Trees and vegetation will hold the water on the land, direct it into the ground and, through evapo-transpiration, release it back into the atmosphere. Reestablishing the small water cycle allows the moisture to return to these same lands as gentle rainfall and the process repeats. The sacred water cycle upon which all life depends is mended. A balance is attained.

Done on a global scale we can heal the damaged hydrological cycle and return the earth to abundance, allowing the people to return to their homelands and sustain their families in comfort and ease.

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